We all witness what bullying does to our kids with the recent suicides of young kids. Their actions start from the PARENTS example. If you have kids, they are probably bullying others because of your own example. Why do I say this?

Today, I witnessed first hand how people who are adults are harassing people. I belong to a group on a social network for a conference. On that conference, they cover many classes on being better at that task, how to market yourself with that task, and even have a show of exhibitors. One person in this community captured some video when spending time with another, then for grins, posted it into the group. I can’t tell if it was edited or what not, but immediately a good third of the people in this group hopped on the bandwagon and started to harass the individual whose video was posted and lots of critique who she was and what she was doing. I do have to admit that I don’t see eye to eye with the individual who was being made fun of and harassed, but I know she spends a lot of time and money and effort doing things that the common person doesn’t. She collects things for the needy, spends Thanksgiving and Christmas preparing food and serving those who are needy because she does not have a family, and a multitude of other things. She her self lives life day to day, always on the edge of being homeless and unable to care for her own needs, yet she is always there for others. Of all the people who jumped on that bandwagon, criticizing and harassing her, they more than likely don’t know her other than the video that was posted.

Would you have jumped on and harassed that person? Maybe even criticized her for what ever was said, real or not? What kind of example does this give your children if you do?

From this, I know that I will NEVER go to this conference or any of its educational smaller shows. I left that social group. And, in yet another similar case of something very similar today, chimed into the administrators for not doing their job (who I personally know and who are local to me). As I open my eyes to uncalled for harassment and criticism, I am seeing it everywhere. Yes, this is a part of life, but it isn’t like before the Internet. This has world wide coverage and it goes out to a lot more people.

Think about what you post, and what kind of example it gives your kids. You may be one of the people who are causing undue harassment to go on and cause young children to commit suicide.


I’m a…

Something I hear over and over from people is how they view themselves. They usually say, “I’m a …” and add the rest with something derogatory or a colourful metaphor. Why do people do this? There is nothing that irks me more than hearing something like this.

We are our own worst enemy’s when it comes to how we view ourselves. Often, many of us believe that only someone else can make us happy, or that only something missing from our lives will can be filled by something that isn’t there. This can be just about anything. In reality, we are responsible for our own happiness. No one else is going to make us feel better. It comes down to just one person – who we are.

How do we find that happiness? Great question. I found mine by going through the impossible and knowing I made it when several others couldn’t. I had a built in support network, and many brothers who were there to help me when I couldn’t carry my own burden. Unfortunately, not everyone I knew who went through the same thing found this. I wish that they had. Others find it by finding one thing they are really good and earning accolades and recognition. Some find it with the self esteem and confidence from doing certain activities – especially ones that the person thought impossible. And others find it by finding that one person who is right for them, that they can share everything with and who shares everything back. It could even be a child who loves you for you. Some find it in forgiveness – either receiving forgiveness or giving forgiveness. Each person is unique, so I can’t say which will work for you.

A close friend once told me that the thing to do to make your world brighter was to praise others. Find three people and give them some accolades for something they did right. Give that compliment. Let others know how well they did. Over time, that karma comes back to you.

This won’t fix all your problems, but it is a good start in the right direction. You will still have problems, but keep trying new things, and don’t forget to compliment to people what they are doing right.