If someone doesn’t know it is discrimination, is it?

I have to ask a question: If someone doesn’t realize they are discriminating against someone, are they discriminating? The courts have said that there is no excuse for protected “classes” of people and the EEOC enforces this. They protect race, colour, class, sex, genetic information, and reprisal. They are supposed to protect those who are disabled, but this is difficult for them to do – what is disabled? It isn’t clear cut what is and isn’t. This is a ‘not so protected’ class. There are other reasons, too.

People in not so protected classes get discriminated against all the time, every day. Why? They are different for what every reason a person can find in their mind. Often, they are harassed, too. You can have a text book case where someone is being discriminated against, including manipulation of records, harassment (documented), and intentional malice. It doesn’t matter.

What can be done? Absolutely nothing. In some cases, people do react. Layla’s Law is being petitioned to create awareness of what discrimination is and some of the forms it takes. This isn’t to be confused with the guide dog awareness and protection law created. This is a case where a young child was discriminated against for clumsiness and wouldn’t recognize that someone was disabled. In this situation, there was ignorance and a lack of understanding. I also applaud that both parties are doing something to improve what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In real, everyday life, this doesn’t happen. People live with the problems and go through life constantly fighting to just stay on a level playing field. Get in a group that thinks they are above everyone else, and anyone who is different is not tolerated. I don’t think laws will help. We have laws in place. Even the enforcers don’t want to enforce them. This begs the following question:

Is it discrimination if people don’t know they are discrimination?


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