On time and other things

A cold hard fact is that time waits for no one. It continually ticks away. Why do I remind you of this? Rarely are the most important things in our life the most urgent. Some would say that things like their taxes and bills are the most important things in their life. I beg to say they aren’t. Even that task you need to get done isn’t that important.

How do you know what is important? Most, you won’t know until several years after it occured. In some, you will know immediately. For me, the most important things are the time I spend with others. Sometimes it is with my work as a photographers, sometimes it is simply being there with my daughter and her son, and sometimes it is just that casual stranger that I talk with that was on the street. It could be spending time with a friend to help them out or just celebrating some time with them. Another moment is being there and answering messages from people who I value in my life. Why are these moments important to me? Simply put, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. While it is very unlikely, that proverbial red bus could hit any one of us.

Savour the important things in your life. Spend that little bit of extra time. Send that message or time with whomever it is in your life. Write the message – be it an e-mail or handwritten letter. These moments will rarely knock your door down and tell you it is important.


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