It Is the Small Things

When you sit back and think about life, it is the small things in life that mean more to us. Many people tell me that money will solve all their problems. To me, money can’t and won’t solve problems. Money gives you more choices, but that money comes at a cost. So I return to the small things that matter… A simple smile, a hug, a sniff of a good wine, enjoying good music with really good friends… as I said, it is the small things. They are also the ones most overlooked.

Savour the moment, and suck the marrow out of the instance. That short time at sunset holding hands, smelling the crisp spring air, gazing into her beautiful eyes… that will be what means most to you. Don’t forget the moment.


One thought on “It Is the Small Things

  1. Then there’s some of us who get caught up in the small moments that don’t matter, the inconsequential moments – like when we get offended by someone who is giving us a hard time. Enjoy the little moments in life, but do not let the actions of others rule you.

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