How do You Say Goodbye

How do you say goodbye to someone you care about and have been a very close friend? I don’t know  – I don’t want to say it. Life has happened, and we are growing apart in so many ways. Even though I see hints of the person I knew, their flame is slowly fading. New fires are burning, ones that I don’t want to be singed in. We used to talk or message a few times a day. Now, we don’t say anything. When we do talk, it isn’t pleasant and is more about nothing or highly critical. Trust has broken down. I won’t follow my friend where they are going – I can’t. I feel the pain, frustration, and anger when I am around them. I feel I no longer add to their life – instead, I am taking away, as they take away from mine. I want to be there like the friend I have always been, but they don’t want me there.

How do you say goodbye?



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