I had a bad dream yesterday night. Understand, I don’t have nightmares but I do have bad dreams. This dream was about procrastinating bringing a beautiful cactus in from the outside. I had it in a pot, and it bloomed several times through the summer. I captured one of the images of it one night and gave the image as a gift to my mother-in-law. I knew it was getting colder soon, and I knew this cactus wouldn’t survive a cold freeze. But, being busy and always in a rush to get somewhere, I didn’t take that simple few minutes to get the cactus in from the cold. Then, in October, we had a hard freeze. I brought the cactus in when I saw this happen – but it was too late. In a few days, the cactus rotted from the freeze. And now, I am haunted by that once beautiful cactus. It’s memory living on in my mind, always reminding me of something I should have done and knew I needed to do, but didn’t.


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