The differences are Important

One of the things I have noticed in the political debates is that we all seem to be in the middle class. Ask the doctor who is making $400 thousand a year, owns several expensive cars, lives in a prestigious neighborhood where they live, and they say they are in the middle class. Ask someone who is getting paid slightly more than middle class, can barely afford the used car they have, lives with their parent where they live and they say they are in the middle class. That is a broad spectrum of people – but are they really in the middle class? Why do they say this with such a broad level? I am not sure, but it is one of the things that bind us as a nation here in the United States. Most of us are somewhere in between.

Another is someone who sings. If someone sings, they all think they are above average. Again, there is a wide breadth of people who can and can’t perform – Just watch American Idol for a while and you will see many of these people. There are people that you have to wonder why they are even there – why do they think they are even good at singing. They are devastated when the judges tell them they aren’t very good and should stay in the shower. They don’t have a clue. And then there are other out there who are so awesome and incredible, and they don’t think they are that good. Just a broad spectrum of people who work at singing with people placing somewhere in this scale.

We can say the same thing about driving a car. Everyone who drives is above average. Ask anyone who you know. They will all say they are above average. But, if you have ever spent any amount of time watching them drive, there are those who “point and gas” and those who are precision drivers (or anywhere in between).

So why do I mention this today? Just something that I see about people in general – that we all think we are “average” when there are many levels of people. Each of us is unique and different. But, we hang out with people who are similar to each of us and we all seem average. It isn’t until you break out of your usual crowds and look around you to see what is the real average. Part of this is to get yourself to open your own eyes to the real world, and not the one that hanging around people like ourselves creates. We should be embracing that difference between us and recognize that it is one of the things that makes us a great country.


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