We are all alike

My wife and I volunteer time at a local downtown church to help out with summer camp and day care once a week. One of the programs is that they serve dinner to the children who are there at dinner time. The other volunteers who are there talk with each other. I find it a great opportunity to meet others in the community who are helping out. There are a broad selection of individuals from the community from all areas and walks around us.

As we talk at dinner time, we all mention things going on in our lives. From those talks, we all find out that it doesn’t matter where you live or who you are – we all encounter similar things in life and have all been in similar situations. Problems with our children are fairly universal. Problems with the neighborhoods is also similar. It doesn’t matter which sub-development or block you live — there are the same problems going on.

If we have similar problems and encounter them in a different order, why are we so distant? Why is it so hard to get up and introduce yourself to your neighbor? Why don’t you all get together as a community as a whole?

I don’t know the answers, but this last dinner talk was a very powerful one for me. It amazed me how similar we all were. How we all deal with theft, drugs, vandalism, and other issues in our separate locations, but not care to look beyond the normal borders. I find that amazing to me.

In our little area, we lost our Boston Terror, er, Terrier, on the Fourth of July from the fireworks going off. I canvased the neighborhood twice with fliers that she was lost. While doing this, I met many new neighbors and people who are around our neighborhood. I wish that we all took the time to walk around and talk with our neighbors more often. Why not go down a block and talk with them? There are many wonderful people to meet in the world.   You might be amazed at what you find.


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