Generational Gap

Last year, I met someone who worked at the “Playing for Change” day and after talking a bit about his genealogical heritage, I found out his mother was full blood Cherokee. He pulled out an image of his mother, and instantly I was struck by the resemblance to my wife’s family. After some more queries and a few days later, we were able to find out that they were third cousins once removed. I posted an image of the two of them with the caption “Cousins” on it. My wife is caucasion/native American and he is Afroamerican/native American. The response from family has been troubling and is something that re-affirms that there is a generational gap between ages of people.

To my wife and me, people are people – I don’t care their race, colour, creed, nationality, or anything. They are living and that is all that matters. With my wife’s family, though, there is a hesitation with this image. My wife’s sister was very uncomfortable with me posting it. Why?

I know my sister in law is courteous to others in person. I also know that my brother in law was courteous in person, but get him in private and he would be about as gritty as you can be. Both my wife’s brother and sister are more than six years older than her. Was there a difference in how people are treated in that short of a time span? Obviously, there is.



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