There are many different kinds of love – romantic love, family love, love for your daughter or son, love for pets, etc. The one thing about love that amazes me as people is how hard it gets to believe that another person loves another.  The second thing that amazes me is how quickly some people fall in love and fall out of love. And, then there are those people who aren’t really in love, but go about their way as if they are. Or, people who think that mad and wild passionate sex is love, and there isn’t anything more to love. This has made me ponder about love…

I know from personal experience that love is a really wonderful thing but all of us feel it in different ways. Some of this, I assume, is because of our experiences we have dealing with love. As we meet and socialize with people, we commonly use our parents for references on what love is or was. As we get older, and have more experience, we base it on our experiences with others. But, even though we say to others that we love them, it often is said much more freely than we really mean it.  At the same time, the receiver frequently doesn’t believe that they are loved or can’t understand much of why  the sender does … no matter how much time has passed or how well demonstrated. If something happens to break that trust or even bend it, we often assume the other doesn’t love us any more.


Why are we like this? I really don’t know. It is just an observation on life. I can say that if you love someone – a girlfriend, a wife, your children – love them like there is no tomorrow. And, if you are the receiver, no matter how much it doesn’t make sense, if someone is there for you and loves you, recognize that they do without question and love them back. Even if you don’t care about the other person, show some form of happiness back and don’t try to mislead them. If it is a parent, you probably won’t understand their love until you have your own children. And, no matter how bad things get as a child, your parents will always love you.



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