Bad Dinner

Today, I want to mention something after a long day of reflection for me. My adopted daughter and wife got into a rather intense fight (more than the usual mother/daughter fighting that goes on), and both acted up without any warning – it was like this had been brewing for some time and both wanted to fight. Yes, they fight every so often, but never this intensity or veracity. It happened when we got out of the car to get something to eat for dinner. According to my daughter, my wife’s eyes were bugging out correcting my daughter’s son and she was being down right mean to him – not to mention that she had been complaining about her yelling at her son the whole trip to the restaurant. My daughter’s son is to that age he doesn’t want to wear a seat belt and be free – so it always ‘hurts” unless he isn’t strapped in. According to my wife, she was only saying his name and looking at him while he cried – and never got his attention. She just called his name. Being oblivious to this because I was walking around the car to help my wife out of the car (who says chivalry is dead?), I only caught the tail end when they were well into the fighting. My daughter wanted to leave and just go home, and my wife the same. The first 20 minutes – my daughter and her son were in the bathroom hiding. Finally they came out. My daughter and her son sat at one table in the restaurant — my wife and I sat at another — when I finally got them both to sit down and eat. The ride home was silent.


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